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First episode titled 'Navigating Produce's Biggest Week' debuts April 29

Toronto, Canada, April 7, 2020 – As the industry waits for the new normal to arrive, preparing for the big selling weeks takes on a heightened importance. To that end, Execulytics is excited to announce the first episode in the Moneyball Talks series. Extending from the popular 'Produce Moneyball' segment featured in company newsletters, the inaugural episode, scheduled for April 29, 'Navigating Produce's Biggest Week', uses data to develop product level plans. Plans, intended to be used by produce professionals to prep for success during the important Fourth of July and Canada Day events, traditionally the biggest week of the year for a produce seller.

"It's really a matter of the joining together of two important elements facing us right now", said Mike Mauti, Managing Partner of Execulytics, "For one, many people are self-isolating and working from home. This offers some produce professionals greater flexibility over their time, time that can be used to build knowledge to enhance their business. And two, thanks to our extensive research for the Produce Almanac, we have an expanding data set capable of painting a complete picture of expectations for this year's July holidays. It presents a great opportunity for anyone interested in building their knowledge as they enter the July sales period."
During the webinar, participants can expect to hear about key categories, complimentary and contrasting products, plus exclusive cost predictions based on a statistical analysis of ten years of costing data, the same feature that has made 'Produce Moneyball' so popular. It's all tightly packed together in this exclusive one hour webinar. The Moneyball Talks series was created for produce professionals of all stripes. For producers and resellers who want to hit the right product combinations while pitching programs to your customers as well as for retailers looking to perfect your offer to the end consumer.

The presentation is packed with colorful graphs, insightful analysis and sage like predictions that will help attendees put together sharper plans for the year's biggest week.

Anyone can register for the April 29th webinar at or by following this link for the ''Navigating Produce's Biggest Week" webinar, attendance is free.

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