Project - Title

Opening a Store? Developing a Process? Launching a Product?

Get another set of eyes or pair of hands on the project

Canadian DNA - Consumer

Process Design & Launch

You know you need to innovate
but your team is stretched so thin

    Office reorganization
    New procurement or logistics process
    New education program
    Expert Advice
No matter the project size
help is close at hand

Canadian DNA - Consumer

Product & Sales Development

Produce buyers have a style all their own
Get aligned with someone who's been there

    Get connected to Canadian buyers
    Present opportunities they'll understand
    Develop products they'll want
    Foster an environment of Win/Win
You must understand the BUYERS
to effectively sell to the BUYERS

Canadian DNA - Consumer

New Store Projects

You know there to be an opportunity
It's just a matter of making a plan

    Feasibility study
    Macrospace design
    Merchandising plan
    Operations plan
The competition can be fierce
Be sure to cover all your bases
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