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Proxy Market Share

An alternate source for Market Intelligence:

  • Proxy Market Share Recap
  • Category Deep Dive
  • Category SWOT Analysis

All in an easy to understand user-driven experience built to answer the important questions of Who’s Winning, Who’s Losing, Who’s Gaining and Who’s Shrinking in the Canadian market.


Produce DNA

Execulytics can help you answer questions like:

  • What is the lay of the competitive landscape in Canada?
  • How does my product perform in Canada?
  • What does the Canadian customer think of my product?

Using resources including an expansive consumer panel, cross-Canada retail operatives and contacts at many major retailers you can build a better Canadian strategy.

Your Data…Analyzed

You’ve got DATA We’ve got KNOW-HOW now lets go make lots of MONEY

  1. Market Share Data
  2. Consumer Opinion Data
  3. Pricing Data
  4. Loyalty Data
  5. Just about any kind of Data; Big or Small


Project Advisory and Delivery

Get another set of eyes or pair of hands on a project.

  1. Process Design & Launch
  2. Product & Sales Development
  3. New Store Projects