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Produce DNA

Execulytics can help you answer questions like:

  • What is the lay of the competitive landscape in Canada?
  • How does my product perform in Canada?
  • What does the Canadian customer think of my product?

Using assets including an exclusive consumer panel, a team of cross-Canada retail operatives and contacts at many major retailers you can build a better Canadian strategy.

The Produce Almanac

Grand in scope and loaded with valuable information, this updated third edition of Execulytics’ popular Produce Almanac encompasses the entire produce marketplace, from the perspective of both produce buyer and produce seller. It is a rich account of fruit and vegetables told in graphical and narrative form. A proficient combination of visual appeal and authoritative data. A book you’ll read to better understand the produce markets and one you’ll refer to again and again.

The Retail 101 Seminar

Full day seminar designed to fill the knowledge gap frequently experienced by growers regarding the world of retail. The day’s agenda includes:

  1. Retailer Objectives
  2. Produce Buying Situations
  3. Produce Merchandising
  4. Produce Operations
  5. Negotiating for Win/Win Game


Project Advisory and Delivery

Get another set of eyes or pair of hands on a project.

  1. Process Design & Launch
  2. Product & Sales Development
  3. New Store Projects