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The Produce Almanac

This year’s edition of the popular Produce Almanac is even more informative than last year. The 2020 edition includes all the historical costing, organic premium and retail prices from last year, but this year also includes exclusive holiday cost predictions for key produce items. These features make the 2020 Produce Almanac the most comprehensive, objective review of the produce markets available.

Canadian Benchmark

Execulytics can help you answer questions like:

  • What is the lay of the competitive landscape in Canada?
  • How does my product perform in Canada?
  • What does the Canadian customer think of my product?

Using assets including an exclusive consumer panel, a team of cross-Canada retail operatives and contacts at many major retailers you can build a better Canadian strategy.

The Retail 101 Seminar

Full day seminar designed to fill the knowledge gap frequently experienced by growers regarding the world of retail. The day’s agenda includes:

  1. Retailer Objectives
  2. Produce Buying Situations
  3. Produce Merchandising
  4. Produce Operations
  5. Negotiating for Win/Win Game

Specialist for Hire

New customers become repeat customers because of Fresh.

An Execulytics Specialist for Hire can make the difference in your store and create repeat customers. Why can they do that? Because they have done it thousands of times before working in stores across the country. They have experienced all sorts of situations and have built success in even the most difficult of circumstances.