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Another look at the CPMA's Innovation Zone as Mike Mauti interviews three past exhibitors; Innodal, CO2Gro and Clarifruit. Perfect timing as the industry prepares for another Innovation Zone at the Vancouver Trade Show in April. Keep listening to the end for Industry Insights as Mike Mauti offers a fresh look at Canadian produce inflation and the consumer response to higher prices.
Mike Mauti interviews different innovative companies and incubators about their products and how they have benefited from the Innovation Zone at the CPMA Convention and Trade Show. Listen to the end for this month’s episode of Industry Insights as Mike Mauti shares more current statistics from the Canadian consumer market.
CPMA’s Sue Lewis and Mike Mauti discuss the recently released CPMA Canadian Marketplace Annual Report. A comprehensive overview of the Canadian produce market for 2021 including consumer trends, perceptons and opinions. Mike also uses his crystal ball to look at produce in 2022 and beyond.
With greater demand and sales on-line, customer experience enhancements, and COVID-19 protocols in place, the retail landscape has changed dramatically in 2020. This episode dives into retail trends and changes with a look ahead to 2021. Guests include Colleen Martin, Mike Mauti and Daniel Kats.
Industry Insights
A CPMA Produce Talks regular feature found at the end of each podcast. But be sure to listen to the entire Podcast as lots of great information can be found within and stay tuned for the end segment "Industry Insights" featuring Mike Mauti, Execulytics' Managing Partner.

With Mike Mauti

Mike Mauti is the Managing Partner of Execulytics Consulting, where he uses his unique skill set of produce knowledge, research capabilities and data analytics to provide answers in the produce industry. The last quarter-century has taught him that the answer to just about any fresh food question can be found by researching the markets, asking the customer and experiencing it in the stores. Having 25 years in the Produce business, Mike specializes in the Canadian retail and consumer landscapes. He has vast experience in many product categories including fresh fruits and vegetables, delicatessen and home meal replacement. He also has experience in several disciplines including procurement, merchandising, operations, process development and retail technologies.

Tip of the Iceberg


How did you get your start in the produce industry?

Produce is in my genes. My first job after graduating from university was with Canada’s premier grocery company. It was the same company where my father spent his career working the produce departments across the organization. Although I began my career outside of produce, the entire produce office had worked alongside my father for many years. It wasn’t long before I got to know the group and eventually started working as an assistant category manager in the produce procurement office.

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