Retail 101 - Title

Understand the mindset of your retail customers

A full day, full team seminar that replaces the knowledge you used to get through conversations with your retail buyers

Participant Feedback

Themes covered in the Retail 101 Seminar


Retail 101 - Objectives Every organization has different goals they wish to accomplish. Understanding the objectives of your business partners is a smart way to build a winning rapport with them. This includes understanding the various buying situations and how best to navigate them.


Retail 101 Merchandising & OperationsYou grow it and they sell it. Knowing exactly how retailers sell produce is a great way to begin your journey of understanding. A knowledge of the 4 P’s of Merchandising and the basics of produce operations is a great start!


Retail 101 - creating partnerships Partnerships are forged when there is mutual satisfaction between the partners. And retailer satisfaction can be achieved only when a grower knows what is expected of them. Learn what buttons to push in order to build that winning partnership.    

The seminar ends with the interactive "Negotiating for Win/Win" game that demonstrates the skills required to build a win/win attitude in negotiations with retail partners.    
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