Retail 101 - Title

For you to better understand the mindset of your retail customers

The words and feedback of Retail 101 participants

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Main Retail 101 Themes


Retail 101 - Objectives Every organization has different goals they wish to accomplish. Understanding the objectives of your business partners is a smart way to build a winning rapport with them. This includes understanding the various buying situations and how best to navigate them.    

MERCHANDIRetail 101 Merchandising & OperationsSING & OPERATIONS

You grow it and they sell it. Knowing exactly how retailers sell produce is a great way to begin your journey of understanding. A knowledge of the 4 P’s of Merchandising and the basics of produce operations is a great start!


CREATING PARTNERSHIPSRetail 101 - creating partnerships

Partnerships are forged when there is mutual satisfaction between the partners. And retailer satisfaction can be achieved only when a grower knows what is expected of them. Learn what buttons to push in order to build that winning partnership. The seminar ends with the interactive "Negotiating for Win/Win" game that demonstrates the skills required to build a win/win attitude in negotiations with retail partners.    

"I am newer to the produce industry so I found the entire seminar very valuable"
"Very clear and informative - thank you!"
"I really enjoyed the entire presentation as I believe it was very informative for the team to increase knowledge"
"I enjoyed the entire Retail 101 seminar and think it really helped the team to learn"
"This seminar is a great opportunity to bring the team together for strategy discussions and educational training pertaining to the retail sector"
"It was beneficial to tie Mike's thoughts into specifics within our own company"
"I found it interesting to hear how retailers think. It is a different perspective from the way a grower/shipper thinks"
"I thought the seminar was very helpful and informative"
"The Retail 101 Seminar was beneficial because it provided a broad overview of many different aspects that allowed us to better understand our customer"
"The opportunity to learn and understand the retail perspective is invaluable"
"The input from Mike was very helpful"
"I found all the information very valuable. I cannot think of anything I would change about it"
"Gaining insight into retailer objectives was very valuable"
"I enjoyed the retailer objectives section and the information it provided"
"I believe the information on the retailer objectives section was very well thought give us a better understanding"
"The retailer objectives section was a good look of what drives a retailer's activities. It offered a good perspective of sales, tonnage, gross profit, total contribution, market share and customer satisfaction"
" I enjoyed learning about Retailer Objectives and Buying Situations. It helped me understand their side of the business a lot more"
"I enjoyed the entire Building Relationships between Buyers and Sellers section"
"I think the produce merchandising section was incredibly informative and really helped me understand the way retailers merchandise produce"
"The produce operations section was incredibly valuable as I believe it really highlighted what goes on at the store level and essentially how involved it really is"
"the building relationships section was very informative on how retailers think and what they value from grower/shipper partnerships"
"The Negotiating for Win/Win game opens up new questions and new understandings"
"The part I liked the most was the Negotiating for Win/Win game which allowed us to implement what we learned"
"Loved the Negotiating for Win/Win game. It was very effective in creating a realistic retailer/supplier simulation"
"I liked the buying situations section because it really painted a picture of what the buyer is thinking about"
"The Negotiating for Win/Win game was very effective. I have never been involved in negotiations, so I found it very interesting"