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Could your sales program benefit from a regional expert?


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Business in Canada can be extremely important. Particularly if you operate in the United States or abroad, your business could perform better if you had the local intelligence provided by a Benchmark study.


Execulytics can help you answer questions like:

  • What is the lay of the competitive landscape in Canada?
  • How does my product perform in Canada?
  • What does the Canadian customer think of my product?



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Our customers realize the value:

We are extremely pleased and impressed by Mike Mauti’s professional work. He helped us conduct a benchmark study on easy-peelers in the Canadian market. He exceeded our expectations by delivering high quality reports that matches exactly our needs. Thank you so much for doing a great job!

The Moroccan Association of Nadorcott Producers.





Having these answers could mean the difference between success and failure in a very lucrative land. We offer Canadian Benchmark studies that will get you these answers:



    • Consumer panel.
      • Execulytics has a growing consumer panel providing us access to hundreds of objective Canadian customers willing to give their feedback. Used for taste tests, surveys, focus groups and shop alongs.Benchmark Canadian Flag


    • Retail Intelligence.
      • Execulytics has vast knowledge of the Canadian retail landscape and armed with a network of retail experts across the country, delivering store level intelligence is simple and quick.


    • Comparative product analysis (yours vs. theirs). 
      • A battery of product tests comparing your product with any number of your competitors. Tests include complete visual testing, Brix measurement, Acid measurement, pressure testing, Dry Matter measurements, plus more.


    • Personalized store tours.
      • For the times when you are in the market. Come with us to see your product performing live in Canada's thriving retail environment.


    • Market advisory.
      • Armed with all this market intelligence backed by decades of buying and selling produce, Execulytics is perfectly suited to help you craft a winning strategy.


    • Project management and delivery.
      • What good is all this intelligence if you cannot execute? Execution is our strength, in fact it's in our name. We are willing and able to help you execute your winning strategy in Canada.




Build a personalized package of services to suits your needs.


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