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Grand in scope and loaded with valuable information, this updated fourth edition of Execulytics’ popular Produce Almanac encompasses the entire produce marketplace. It provides a perspective for produce buyers and produce sellers, for logistics managers and freight carriers. It is a rich account of the fruit and vegetable stories from 2021 complete with a predictive tale for 2022. In its graphical and narrative form, it provides a proficient combination of visual appeal and authoritative data. It is a book you’ll read to better understand the produce markets of the past and to develop insights into the future. And it is a resource you will refer to again and again throughout the year.

  • Exclusive 52-week product cost and freight rate predictions for 2022/23
  • 5-year weekly cost and freight rate histories
  • Organic premium costs relative to conventional
  • Year over year retail prices by week
  • Over 1,000 colorful graphs and charts
  • Easy to read sourcing details
  • Useful tips to drive sales and consumption

An authoritative reference guide for produce professionals


An invaluable predictive tool for those driven to success