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Assortalytics is an assortment optimizer enabling your data to work for you.

The simple interface makes it easy to create custom item ranking algorithms.

Rich insights into product strengths will help build the best product range.

Once data is loaded, Assortalytics does the rest with a little help from the user.

Use the Decision Screen to select category parameters, algorithm weights, final assortment size and to select products or product groups for protection.

Helpful analytics pages determine product strengths and weaknesses enabling decision making.

Results are displayed in an easy-to-read format with new and protected products automatically sorted to the top. All “Keeper” products are highlighted in green, while all “Dropped” products are highlighted in red.

Results can be easily downloaded into Excel for further analysis.






Assortalytics - Decision

Assortalytics decision screen

Assortalytics - Product Strength

Product analytics screen

Assortalytics - Final Screen

Finalized assortment screen












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