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New customers become repeat customers because of Fresh.

An Execulytics Specialist for Hire can make the difference in your store and create repeat customers. Why can they do that? Because they have done it thousands of times before working in stores across the country. They have experienced all sorts of situations and have built success in even the most difficult of circumstances.


Specialist - Counter1What an EXECULYTICS Specialist can offer

  • Seasoned fresh operations expertise
  • Trusted advice – only a phone call away
  • Product re-line and photographic planogram
  • Basic operational forms 
  • Product specifications manual
  • Multicultural expertise



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But don't only trust us, this is what we've heard from customers:

I have never done retail before. I needed a fresh set of eyes to help me understand the placement of produce, ensuring it sold before it was spoiled.

I really admire your passion, knowledge and professionalism.  You have opened my eyes to the potential sales opportunities of the department.

On top of vital operations support, your Specialist for Hire can also introduce you to the Execulytics Suite of analytics tools. These software tools can help a store grow sales and profit by optimizing assortments, managing labour and analyzing pricing. Review each package by clicking on the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.

Meet the entire Execulytics Roster of Experts to see who your Specialist for Hire will be.

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Check out the EXECULYTICS suite of analytics tools

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