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Execulytics to Offer Retail Tours at the CPMA Convention and Trade Show

Toronto, Canada, March 21, 2018 – Mike Mauti, Senior Vice President and Managing Partner of Execulytics Consulting announces today that the company will be offering personal retail tours to produce companies at this year’s Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show. “The CPMA Show is an excellent opportunity to visit retail where it all happens, with the companies that make it all possible”, says Mike, speaking of the annual trade show held this year in Vancouver from April 23-26. “It’s no secret that there is an important collaborative relationship between retailers and produce suppliers, sometimes that collaboration needs to be encouraged and what can be more encouraging than touring stores?”

During the week of the CPMA Convention and Trade Show, Execulytics will be offering the following tours:

  • Monday, April 23rd

1pm – 5pm

  • Tuesday, April 24th

8am – 12 noon

1pm – 5pm

  • Wednesday, April 25th

8am – 12 noon

  • Thursday, April 26th

8am – 12 noon

“Although these retail tours are going to be a great time, there is a greater purpose to them”, says local Execulytics Retail Expert Paul Thompson, “our intention is that the tours will bring produce suppliers closer to retail, Vancouver style. In essence, we hope they will help bridge the gap between suppliers and retailers.”

The tours, guided by Paul Thompson will be available in two distinct tour options each visiting four retail grocery stores. One option will take participants to a collection of mainstream National players such as Superstore, Sobeys and more. While a second tour option will visit a collection of retailers that cater to an upscale or organic customer base like Whole Foods and local gem Urban Fare. The half-day tours will allow companies to tour relevant stores while being free to discuss their observations amongst themselves as they pertain to their own business strategy. “All retail tours are a great experience”, says Mike, “but having the comfort level to discuss private business-related issues right on the store floor, while it’s happening can sometimes add to the overall value of the tour.”

Either option promises to blend fun and learning and will be available to book at The tours are available to book in parties of 4-6, 7-10 or more than 10 people. Execulytics encourages interested parties to book early to ensure availability and to avoid missing the April 11th deadline.


About Execulytics Consulting
Execulytics is a responsive company that provides consulting in the Produce Supply and Independent Retail industries. Vast experience in the grocery business with a special passion for produce provides the credentials that enable specialized service.

Execulytics strives every day to live up to the promises they make to customers. To produce supply companies, Execulytics promises to “bridge the gap between suppliers and retailers” and to independent retailers they promise that “you CAN compete with chain stores.”

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