Execulytics Announces Development of Produce Almanac

For Immediate Release:

Toronto, Canada, October 1, 2018 – Today, Execulytics Consulting is introducing the 2019 Produce Almanac. “The 300-page Almanac is information rich, full of market insight and dare I say a little predictive”, says Mike Mauti, Managing Partner and Senior Vice President of Execulytics Consulting. He adds, “We strove to bring detailed intelligence so the produce industry could better understand how markets moved in 2018. We plan to produce a new Almanac annually.”

The first edition of the annual publication features comprehensive data from the produce industry. By providing commentary on all significant produce commodities, users will find 5-year cost comparisons, premiums for Organics, retail pricing from around the United States plus hundreds of pages of insights, recommendations and predictions.  Using USDA and Agriculture Canada data sources, the publication uses graphical visualizations to provide easy to comprehend intelligence on the markets.

“I’ve seen an advance copy; and this publication is jam packed with more produce information than I expected. It should be on every produce professional’s desk.” says Domenic Raso, Co-CEO of Burnac Produce. Domenic was one of several industry leaders who received a sample copy of the Produce Almanac to provide feedback and advice on content, style and usability. He goes on to say, “the guide is full of commentary that many people will find useful and the section on organics is golden.”

The 2019 Produce Almanac is still in development as the data runs through the end of 2018, however it is expected to be available as an e-book in January. The e-book carries a $299 price tag, but Execulytics is making a special offer of only $195 for pre-orders up until November 30, 2018. Interested companies are advised to go to www.execulytics.ca/Produce-Almanac for more information and to place a pre-order. To acknowledge the struggle many people live every day and the responsibility we have as members of the produce industry, $20 from every order will go to local charities fighting in the battle against hunger.

About Execulytics Consulting
Execulytics is a responsive company that provides consulting in the Produce Supply and Retail industries. Vast experience in the grocery business with a special passion for produce provides the credentials that enable specialized service. Execulytics strives every day to live up its promise to customers to ‘bridge the gap between suppliers and retailers’.


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