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Independent retailers know that chain stores can be formidable competitors. They have great ideas, great tools and a team to execute, plus they have seemingly endless resources. That could put an independent retailer at a bit of a disadvantage. With EXECULYTICS in your corner, you can eliminate the disadvantages and play to your strengths, such as agility, customer relationships, community involvement and everything else that made your corner of the world fall in love with your store.

EXECULYTICS came from the chain store world. We have the ideas, the tools and the ability to execute. Review our services below and feel free to create a custom program to help your store compete with the chains allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Specialist for Hire

A service designed for the small grocery retailer. Many customers will choose a store based on the quality and freshness of its Perishables. But if you were to take a tour of local retailers you will see many customers shopping despite the quality and freshness of Perishables. This is low hanging fruit (pardon the pun) for an independent retailer. Parlaying dozens of years of experience, an EXECULYTICS Specialist can help implement the winning operational plan used by successful chain stores. Don’t tell anyone but most chain stores cannot sustain it, making this a golden opportunity for independent retailers. By focusing on product standards, operational procedures and a stay clean regimen, Execulytics can raise your game and keep the bar high. The only thing left to do is watch the sales roll in.


Workforce Management

Have you ever wondered how chain stores seem to do so much with so little? It’s amazing that their level of staffing often matches the level of customer activity perfectly. That’s because they have a sophisticated workforce management system telling them when to schedule staff. These systems can easily reduce labour costs by 1-2% of sales. Just think what an extra 1-2% could do to your bottom line. Capture this extra profitability with an Execulytics Workforce Expert equipped with our proprietary system LABOURLYTICS.   


Assortment Optimization

There are so many products currently available for sale. And new innovation is coming all the time. You can’t sell everything, but how do you know what assortment to keep and what to get rid of. If only there was something that gave a small retailer the answers. Well, now there is. It’s called ASSORTALYTICS. A proprietary system from EXECULYTICS that allows you to create custom algorithms to rank the most important items for your business. For years, Assortment Optimization has helped chain stores develop customer centric assortments to drive incremental sales. Now it can help you too. 


Pricing Analytics

Pricing is a complicated business. There are so many strategies designed to drive sales and increase profitability. And they all centre around two basic principles: be competitive where you need to be and harvest profit where you can. Easier said than done. Unless you have an analytics service with a system to make sense of the data. This is starting to sound like a broken record, but the chain stores have that. And you can too with our proprietary analytics system PRICEULYTICS.

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