Opportunity - Title

Preparing your organization for your next product launch

Opportunity - TradeAn elegant mix of analytics and insights can guide your next product launch. A presentation of detailed trade data alongside relevant observations can put your product launch into perspective. Is there an existing market in Canada and is it growing? Where are current imports originating from? Is the commodity in a period of inflation or deflation? And what does this mean to you as you prepare to expand your business in Canada? A Produce Opportunity Paper on your product can answer these pressing questions.
Will customers buy your new product offering? Opportunity - CustomerThat's the million dollar question! If we had the answer to that, you would be in business. The answer is out there and a review of the changing demographics in Canada might provide the clues. So too might specific consumer research into attitudes and perceptions regarding your new product idea. It is all a part of your Produce Opportunity Paper.
What's going on in the market today?Opportunity - Distribution Are there Canadian organizations already importing your product or products like it? What retailers are carrying similar products? How do these retailers sell them and at what retail price? A thorough review of both the wholesale and retail markets provide insight into opportunities and a sneak peak into the type of competition you will encounter in your new venture. All this and more make up parts of your Produce Opportunity Paper.

Elements of the Papers

Elements - Trade

Visualization of relevant trade data

Elements - Customer

Analysis of consumer research

Elements - Distribution

A review of current market distribution

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