Produce DNA generates consumer and retail data to support YOUR decisions

Is knowing consumer purchase intentions towards Organics important? Local? Pre-packaged Produce? Greenhouse Grown? Staples vs. specialites?
How about understanding where retailers stack up on pricing? Assortment? Organic development? Pre-packaged development?

DNA - Generic

DNA stands for Data Network Alliance

A subscription based network of DATA MINDED produce professionals  

Membership includes access to vast consumer and retail intelligence projects that answers the questions posed above

Plus exclusive discounts to custom analysis
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Membership Privileges included with Annual Subscription 

An analytics package worth $80,000 

DNA - Consumer

Four quarterly consumer research studies

1,000 produce purchasing consumers 
Controlled for gender, age and geography
Standard bench-marking questions to monitor changing views on:

    Organically grown produce
    Greenhouse grown produce
    Locally grown produce
    Pre-packaged produce
    Staples vs. speciality produce
Plus new questions each quarter to probe new pertinent elements
Complete with insights, visualizations and recommendations

To help inform the fluid go-to-market strategies
of the modern Produce Organization

DNA - Retail

Four quarterly retail intelligence studies

50-60 National or Regional grocery retail stores
Controlled for format and geography
Standard bench-marking observations to monitor changes on:

    Price levels
    Assortment levels
    Organic development
    Locally grown development
    Pre-packaged penetration
Plus new observations each quarter to probe new pertinent elements
Complete with insights, visualizations and recommendations

To help build intelligence on trends
in the new Retail Landscape

PLUS other privileges including exclusive discounts to Execulytics custom services

Alt Services

Custom Projects

Retail Intelligence Studies

Product Taste Test Studies

Consumer Research Studies

Consumer Focus Group Studies

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Why Produce DNA?

If you currently spend money on data, ask yourself is this spend giving you the consumer and retail intelligence you need?

  • Does your current third party data deliver insights into how to engage your retail customers?
  • Does it provide an understanding of consumer motivations needed to power your innovation strategy?

If you think your current sales and market share data is lacking something required for success. And if a $5,000 annual subscription rate for a year's worth of quarterly consumer and retail data plus visualizations, insights and recommendations seems like a good spend...

...then Produce DNA may be the answer

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