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Growing and selling great produce is one of your stengths, process improvement is one of ours 


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Project Management - CollaborationProcure seed, plant, pre-harvest, harvest, pack, cool, sell, ship…repeat.  Who has time for project management?  In order to survive a business needs to innovate.  All innovation requires project management.  We can help.

Project Management is a skill, honed after years of practice.  Here we use the Execulytics Method, a proprietary regimen that uses objective analysis to help craft the answers and advanced execution methods to ensure a sustained solution.

Whether your project is large or small we will run through the nine steps necessary to ensure the success of any project:

  • Define the projectProject Management - Woman with Web
  • Measure the current state
  • Analyse the measurements
  • Innovate or Improve the situation
  • Control the improvements
  • Drill for the Prime Objective
  • Find the one best way to skin the cat
  • Measure your means to accomplish your ends
  • Collaborative accountability


It sounds complicated…but it’s not.  Not if you have EXECULYTICS at your side, we will help get your project across the finish line and on the path to success.

Whether you have a need to expand your business to new customers, understand the opportunity for an innovative new product or just need to simplify your operations having Execulytics can help you manage towards success.

You do the growing, leave the project to us.

If you had a positive experience with the EXECULYTICS project management, be sure to check out other services we offer.

The Produce Opportunity Papers can give you the insights you are looking for prior to embarking on a new business initiative. Exploration into trade, consumer and distribution data will guide you towards the right answers for your organization.

The Retail 101 Seminar is an excellent introduction to the produce retail industry.  It will give any produce supplier all the knowledge they need to navigate their most important relationships.  The relationships with their customers.

Our Canadian Benchmark Studies are perfect for growers and associations who are looking to gain insights into the Canadian market. Services include in-market product testing vs. the competition, consumer panels, retail audits, strategy development and execution.

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