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The 2019 Produce Almanac is sure to be an important resource for produce professionals. Regardless of where you sit in the value chain, whether the start, end or somewhere in between, more knowledge will always put you in a better spot. Once you receive the e-book, you will find:


  • Growing region seasonality for over 100 produce commodities
  • Year over year weekly costing comparisons and 5-year historical costing
  • Organic premiums relative to conventional
  • Retail pricing, gauging inflation and organic price position vs. conventional


Using simple visualizations and pointed insights, the Produce Almanac’s view into the past can unlock clues into future markets. You will find forward looking viewpoints with suggestions to drive sales in 2019, plus potential ad plans and recommended organic assortments. If you are looking to be the best buyer or merchant you can or want to be the top supplier partner to your customers, then having the Produce Almanac in your corner will bring you one step closer.  

Simply follow the payment form above to purchase your 2019 Produce Almanac for only $299. 

If you are looking for a way to stay in tune with the markets throughout 2019 consider signing up for the Almanac Visualizations. Each period you will receive one, two or three reports that bring the produce markets to life. See below for availability and click here to select your package.  

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