Who - OfficeExeculytics is a consulting company who caters to the fresh foods industry. The name Execulytics comes from combining the words Execution and Analytics.







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Like the name implies, the company helps its customers solve a variety of problems by focusing on objective analytics and good old fashioned, roll up your sleeves execution. 

With vast experience in grocery retail, Execulytics also draws on expertise gained in the produce industry. Combining these two strengths allows for a vast array of services for produce suppliers and independent retailers.








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The stylized Execulytics logo found on this website and company documentation really speaks to who we are. Not only are the words Execution and Analytics proudly represented, the choppy upwards arrow demonstrates the opportunities AND challenges faced by many Execulytics customers. Both of which can be addressed head on – first by staying true to the data and second by executing for success. The arrow’s red colour represents the promise to our customers that at Execulytics, if we accept a project, we will put our heart into it. 





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Led by Mike Mauti, a 20 year Retail Executive, Execulytics draws on a roster of experts whose experiences include retail operations, training and food safety. 

See a complete list of the Execulytics roster of experts by clicking HERE.





Founded in 2016, Execulytics has used its expertise to develop corporate structures, create new products, conduct consumer research and train professionals. These projects have been successfully implemented at produce suppliers, food manufacturers, in academia and industry groups. A proud member of both the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. Mike also sits on the University of Guelph Food Innovation Lab’s Advisory Board acting as the Special Advisor for Fresh Foods and Grocery Store Merchandising. 


If you got this far into the website, then there is a chance you want to work with Execulytics. If that is the case, we are thrilled and look forward to learning more about your company. We truly believe that with a focus on qualitative and quantitative data and honest to goodness execution, combined with a collaboration between our two companies there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.

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