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“The 2020 Produce Almanac is great! It has all the FOB costing and retail pricing you need right at your fingertips. It is awesome to have it all in one document. The Almanac is a joy to read. I have already used it more than I ever thought I would.”
Sean McCauley, Director of Sales at Ippolito Fruit and Produce

“if you used the Almanac to negotiate $1 off 1 load for 1 week, you’d have a 400% ROI. Such a great resource!”
Craig Kimac, Produce Professional, Edmonton

Grand in scope and loaded with valuable information, this completely updated edition of Execulytics’ popular Produce Almanac encompasses the entire produce marketplace, from the perspective of both produce buyer and produce seller. It is a rich account of fruit and vegetables told in graphical and narrative form. A proficient combination of visual appeal and authoritative data. A book you’ll read to better understand the produce markets and one you’ll refer to again and again.

“The guide is full of commentary that many people will find useful and the section on organics is golden.”
Domenic Raso, Co-Ceo Burnac Produce

“As retailers, suppliers and growers continue to expand their staff, an experience gap will emerge, the Produce Almanac can be priceless in filling that void.”
Sal Battaglia, Produce Professional, Toronto

  • More than 1,000 colorful graphs and charts
  • Easy to read quarter by quarter sourcing details
  • Useful tips to drive sales and increase consumption
  • Exclusive cost predictions for holiday key items
  • Thousands of cost and retail price comparisons: weekly 2019 vs. 2018, weekly organic vs. conventional, varieties within a category, size premiums, source differences, etc.
  • 5-year weekly cost histories
  • A valuable reference for produce sellers
  • An authoritative tool for produce buyers