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EXECULYTICS executing fresh through analytics

We specialize in:

 Consulting - Mike in Action

     Supplier and retailer relationships

     Negotiating for Win/Win

     Understanding the Canadian Retail Landscape

     Engaging the Canadian Customer

     Fresh Retail Execution

     Retail Assortment and Pricing Analytics

     Optimizing Labour Costs through Workforce Management





EXECULYTICS is a responsive company that provides consulting in the Produce Supply and Independent Grocery Retail Industries. Vast experience in the grocery business with a special passion for fresh foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables provides the credentials that enable specialized service.


As a guest at the EXECULYTICS website, you are encouraged to stay and learn about the many products and services we offer to produce suppliers and independent grocery retailers.


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1 month ago
Grapefruit retail prices went up 13% Q1 ‘18 vs. the year prior, says the Produce Almanac. Will it drop back in 2019? Turn over a new leaf and fill #halfyourplate with grapefruit in the #NewYear. What will the #ProduceAlmanac say for 2019? Book your copy at https://t.co/Og8M8k8FL6 https://t.co/46xKsXnM1S execulytics photo
1 month ago
Interesting plug and play strategy to get fast moving fresh foods into a non-traditional grocery retailer. Kroger Express coming to more Walgreens stores https://t.co/9UEti8j9r1
1 month ago
Be ready for a sustained drop in Strawberry costs thru Q1. The Produce Almanac shows this to be the case the last 2 years. Fill #halfyourplate with #strawberries when #spring arrives. What else will the #ProduceAlmanac show for 2019? Book your copy at https://t.co/Og8M8k8FL6 https://t.co/AOeyVAn38e execulytics photo
2 months ago
The last 2 seasons Clementine costs dropped steadily until #NewYears. So says the Produce Almanac. Get ready to fill #halfyourplate with this #Holiday favourite. What will the #ProduceAlmanac show for 2019? Book your copy at https://t.co/Og8M8k8FL6 and $20 will go to fight hunger https://t.co/JUXJV7HMXc execulytics photo
2 months ago
Retails for #cranberries inflated 14% during December ‘17 according to The Produce Almanac. Did more customers fill #halfyourplate last year or did the same customers just pay more? What insights will the #ProduceAlmanac suggest for 2019? Book your copy at https://t.co/Og8M8k8FL6 https://t.co/Re8wnYe5jf execulytics photo
2 months ago
Who's filling #halfyourplate with avocados, mandarins, peaches, broccoli and onions? Apparently lots of us.




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