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 Consulting - Mike in Action

     Supplier and retailer relationships

     Negotiating for Win/Win

     Engaging the Canadian Customer

     Fresh Retail Execution

     Retail Assortment and Pricing Analytics

     Optimizing Labour Costs through Workforce Management





EXECULYTICS is a responsive company that provides consulting in the Produce Supply and Independent Grocery Retail Industries. Vast experience in the grocery business with a special passion for fresh foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables provides the credentials that enable specialized service.


As a guest at the EXECULYTICS website, you are encouraged to stay and learn about the many products and services we offer to produce suppliers and independent grocery retailers.


Also take a moment or two to review some of the hot button issues listed below. You are sure to find a topic that interests you. And don’t be shy to leave a comment. You can support the viewpoint or provide an alternative viewpoint. We are very open minded at Execulytics Consulting and we understand it is never too late to learn something new.


Are you just looking for advice on an area of EXECULYTICS expertise? That’s great too. Just go to the tab titled Ask a Consultant. Here you can leave a question and an Execulytics consultant will respond to you.


Lasty, if you want to skip all the updates and just book an Execulytics service, well that’s fine too. Enjoy the website, we look forward to hearing from you.


18 hours ago
More and more grocers are offering meal kits south of the border. Could this be a way for Independent Retailers in Canada to differentiate themselves? #youCANcompete
Shelf life improvement sparks rapid retail growth for Chef’d: https://t.co/HSqSG5KLYG
4 weeks ago
If everyone is focusing on online delivery services, who is focusing on store operations? Or pricing? Or assortment? Looks like a door is opening for independent retailers. #youCANcompete #execulytics https://t.co/TUa6v9Aala
1 month ago
Everything you wanted to know about the #Execulytics #Retail101 seminar written by someone who explains it way better than me. @JordanOkumura from @AndNowUKnow and The Snack.
1 month ago
It's nice to be called a winner once in a while. And all I had to do was talk about how much I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks a bunch for the honour @CPMA #halfyourplate
1 month ago
Exciting research at #UofG Food Innovation Lab, gauging consumer response to GMO labelling. #FARE https://t.co/43qtW0JWd4




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